Dennis' real world experience, knowledge, past successes and failures are a valuable resource for any entrepreneur no matter where they are at in the business cycle. He brings energy to the subject matter of business that is contagious but also very real. The “no fear” approach to life that he communicate is something that I personally strive for on a daily basis. Dennis has always exhibited this approach in every situation that I have known him to come upon. ~ JohnAustin Taylor, Taylor Hardware

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It's All About The Customer

Its All About The Customer, Because without them obviously we wouldn’t be able to make a living doing what we do.

This will be the theme of the majority of my blog posts “The Customer Experience” which is in all aspects of what we do or “Touch Points” Each month I will cover areas that may make you look at your client interactions differently. When I talk touch points I am talking really about all phases of your business From the Ad in the paper , the look and feel of your website, the way your company phone is answered , the Jobsite etiquette, and everything in between to your last (if any) warranty call. You get the picture Everthing because lets be honest, pretty much all we do as a Business some how Touches our CUSTOMERS!