We had the pleasure of working on many of his projects over the years. He always went out of his way to produce first rate work. He wanted his customers to be, not just happy, but thrilled. I would have to say, from conversations with many of his clients, that they were all happy. Itís been great fun watching Dennis develop and build several business ideas to fruition. I know that his employees loved him and I consider him a friend. ~ Jim Waite, Craftsmen Electrical Services LLC

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Looking to start your own business but not sure where to start? Let Dennis help. Over the last 25 years, he's created six businesses from the ground up. These businesses ranged from a small coffee shop, Earl E. Byrd’s, to a national internet company, BuildMeADeck.com. Dennis can help you with as little as brainstorming sessions up to helping you build your business plan all while creating a plan that fits both your budgets and your needs.

Company Workshops

It’s hard enough running your day-to-day operations, let alone keeping your co-workers motivated and on-task. Dennis offers several company workshops, running anywhere from two to four hours. These can generally be done on premises. The most popular of these workshops are:

  • Customer Service: Remember Who Truly Signs Your Paycheck
  • Team Building: You Can Either Succeed or Fail With the People You Work With

Dennis can also customize a workshop to fit your personal message.

1 On 1

Sometimes, a business owner just needs someone to talk to. So often we feel so isolated. When there are problems, you really don’t want to talk to your family and make them nervous, or bring your problems home with you. You cannot talk to your customers, other company owners, and definitely not the bank because you don’t want them to think you are anything but optimistic about the future. So, we carry these burdens alone. Well, Dennis has been there while running several small businesses over these past years. He's been through the ups and downs, and the feeling of having no one to talk to. So think of Dennis as your business consultant, and you can brainstorm one-on-one.