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Dennis' real world experience, knowledge, and successes are a valuable resource for any entrepreneur no matter where they are at in the business cycle. He brings energy to the subject matter of business that is contagious but also very real. The “no fear” approach to life that he communicate is something that I personally strive for on a daily basis. Dennis has always exhibited this approach in every situation that I have known him to come upon.
~ JohnAustin Taylor, Taylor Hardware
I have known and worked with Dennis for well over six years and always been amazed at his ability to look "outside of the box" when implementing business plans and more impressively business processes for every aspect of business from marketing to customer service to sales to production. Dennis carries a tireless energetic passion for business coupled with a desire to assist those who come in touch with him as a mentor always will. Quite possibly one of the best testimonials I could offer is Dennis' uncanny ability to transcend industries, grasping the nuances that each industry offers and developing a strategic process that seems to have a custom fit to it. I would welcome any contact from anyone that would like to discuss the value that Dennis Schaefer could bring to their business.
~ Dale Keipert, President, 3Sixty Interactive
Thanks for bringing your insight and experience to the education program at the remodeling show. I think it was valuable and I am guessing from the level of engagement and participation that the audience did as well. I noticed that of all the sessions I was involved with yours was more interactive than anyone's by far - a good model since it felt like contractors talking among themselves about issues only they could be fully familiar with.
~ Jim Cory, Editor, Replacement Contractor Magazine
Dennis and I became acquainted about eight years ago when he was highly recommended for his attention to detail. When I met Dennis and explained that I had some challenges that I would like his help in overcoming. He said that he thought he could help but would have to do some research and get back with me. A short while after our first meeting Dennis contacted me and explained that he had figured out a way to accomplish what I wanted. Plans were finalized and agreed upon. Prior to signing the contract, Dennis explained the time table for the project, exactly how the work would flow, and who and how many people would be on the job. After signing the contract, the work was done exactly to specification and on the timetable Dennis had laid out. A couple of years later I used Dennis' expertise again because of our previous experience.
~ John Koegel, President Of Koegel Meats
I met Dennis in the summer of 2010 when I came across his advertisement in our local news paper. One of his services was designing and budgeting "do-it yourself jobs" and I was in the middle of gutting and rebuilding our condo and thought I would have Dennis design an updated master bath. We were so pleased with Dennis that we decided to have him manage the bathroom remodel not just design it. The expertise Dennis demonstrated doing this job made me realize I should turn over the project I was already involved in; the total interior teardown and remodel of the rest of the condo of about 3000sqft to him. This was the best decision I could have made for a variety of reasons. He was able to capture what we were looking for with his creative design approach! Dennis orchestrated the total rehab of our condominium from the outside walls in. We essentially have a brand new home. This was a huge project that he took on after I had done the demolition. I remember thinking to myself after I removed all the drywall in the building "what do I do now?" I know the cost of having Dennis managing this project was more than covered by the savings he achieved by his careful selection of contractors. Not only do I know I saved money using Dennis, but the quality and workmanship is greater than I would have gotten on my own and he expedited the completion of this extensive project! I would highly recommend utilizing Dennis's talents in any job you needed help with!
~ Dani & Bob Karrow
As I look back over the 20 years, Dennis has always been true to his morals and ethics both in his businesses and his family whether good times or bad. He has the highest level of honesty and integrity in anyone I have ever known. His innovative ideas and leadership skills along his wisdom, passion and energy are what have made him the success he is today. At the time I didn’t realize the importance of the tutelage I was receiving but I now see that it contributed to the person and business owner I have grown to be. Dennis is truly an inspiration and makes a valuable impact on the people he meets, the community he lives in and the business ventures he has participates in. I would recommend Dennis anyone looking to grow their business or themselves as a person.
~ Dave Pilon, BuildMeADeck.com
We had the pleasure of working on many of his projects over the years. He always went out of his way to produce first rate work. He wanted his customers to be, not just happy, but thrilled. I would have to say, from conversations with many of his clients, that they were all happy. It’s been great fun watching Dennis develop and build several business ideas to fruition. I know that his employees loved him and I consider him a friend.
~ Jim Waite, Craftsmen Electrical Services LLC
New speakers traditionally require a few years to gain audience acceptance and grow a following. After a strong debut in 2010, Dennis was hired back for Remodeling Show | DeckExpo 2011. He wowed the audience earning strong praise and landing his presentation in the Top 3 courses out of the 60 programs offered at the event. Dennis is a breeze to work with always meeting deadlines and more importantly, he cares about his audience and the information they need to meet their business challenges.
~ Paul Treanor, Senior Conference Manager at Hanley Wood
Dennis loves to seek out and conquer challenges. His energy and enthusiastic spirit to meet and exceed challenges motivates those around him, helping to create a "team-like " atmosphere to solve problems. His ability to listen and fully understand a challenge helps him to come up with a solution that meets or exceeds the challenge. His creative and "out of the box " thinking has helped us to increase productivity, lower costs, and raise profit margins. If you are a fellow small business owner, I would strongly recommend Dennis to you to help solve your challenges and hurdles. He has helped us to find many ways to grow our company and I know that he could do the same for you.
~ Steve Darby, Creative Wood Products
Dennis has an unbelievable ability to manage, direct and complete projects on time and in ways which always exceeded our expectations. He surrounds himself with extremely competent and most importantly trustworthy people. We found him to be a very honest and caring person with a great deal of integrity who always made sure that we were happy and satisfied with his work.
~ Steve & Renee’ Cass
Dedicated, energetic, reliable, trustworthy, respected, conscientious, and knowledge are several of the words that come to mind when describing Dennis Schaefer. For over 15 years, I have had the pleasure knowing Dennis as a business owner, Chamber Board Member, and Committee Chair Member. Through his own life lessons, Dennis has mastered the gift of being able to communicate in a straight forward yet logical and heartfelt manner. I consider my professional relationship with Dennis to be an honor. His devotion to his family and community speaks volumes to his character.
~ Shelly Day, President - Fenton Regional Chamber of Commerce