I have known and worked with Dennis for well over six years and always been amazed at his ability to look 'outside of the box' when implementing business plans and more impressively business processes for every aspect of business from marketing to customer service to sales to production. Dennis carries a tireless energetic passion for business coupled with a desire to assist those who come in touch with him as a mentor always will. Quite possibly one of the best testimonials I could offer is Dennis' uncanny ability to transcend industries, grasping the nuances that each industry offers and developing a strategic process that seems to have a custom fit to it. ~ Dale Keipert, President, 3Sixty Interactive

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October 14, 2011
Marketing Strategies: Lesser Costs/Bigger Results

Marketing has changed traumatically in just the past few years, and in a lot of ways for the better. It is now less expensive to get better results; you just have to be creative. The internet has become our #1 source for Good Quality lead generation, but with all of the options online you need to be smart about how to use it. Also with all the data available to you now from online sources you can be more targeted with your traditional marketing.. Meaning you get better results with lesser costs.

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