Dennis has an unbelievable ability to manage, direct and complete projects on time and in ways which always exceeded our expectations. He surrounds himself with extremely competent and most importantly trustworthy people. We found him to be a very honest and caring person with a great deal of integrity who always made sure that we were happy and satisfied with his work. ~ Steve & Renee' Cass

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What's Going On


Think Fast

You're coming to the end of a two-hour presentation. You've introduced yourself, talked, listened, measured, listened some more, and now you're ready to present a price and ask for their business.

Curb To Client

As featured in Replacement Contractor Magazine
You have a lead and you think you're set to sell. You may be, but there's a lot you can do to increase the likelihood that the prospect ? your future customer ? buys from you. What you know about him, her, or them can aid you in matching your product or service to their particular want or need. So how do you go about finding out what you need to know to sell them?

Good Will Hunting

There's no better feeling than getting a call from a potential client that starts with: "I was told you do great work." Gold, right! But even though you feel your company delivers consistently excellent work, you won't get referrals unless you ask for them. And even then, you won't get them unless clients truly believe that your company does what few others will do.

"The Transition Guide" from Deck Builder to Deck Building Business

This book is for Builders in the Deck Building Industry. The Deck builder is rare breed, they are the combination of Artist and Craftsmen. This Guide is to help them turn their passion into a thriving business.

Main Events: Is your showroom collecting dust? Here's how to turn it into a lead generator.

If you're wondering why your showroom isn't drawing the kind of walk-in traffic it used to, join the crowd. Companies that once counted on showroom walk-ins for some portion of their leads have seen that traffic die away in the last five to 10 years.

The Dating Game: How to Ask for a Clients Budget

Getting a Budget from a Client is a very important and difficult part of the sales process. This article looks at this issue in a different and effective way.

Deck Safety Interview: Radio Interview

Take some time to inspect the structural integrity of your deck to keep family and friends safe. Most failures occur where the deck is attached to the house. Make sure to check all the boards and fasteners, too.

Speaking Engagements

Deck Expo 2013 Chicago

 Dennis will speaking again at the 2013 Deck Expo in Chicago. Along with 2 individual Sessions Dennis will also be a part of the Alpha Team Boot Camp

JLC Live New England 2013

Dennis will be in New England March 20-23, 2013 with 3 presentations on how to grow your business. Dennis will be covering a large range of topics from marketing to the psychology of clients.

2nd Annual Deck & Remodeler Show

Dennis will be hostng 2 presentatons that will help grow your business through Customer Experience: The Art of the Referral and Marketng Strategies: Lesser Costs/Bigger Results. Come see Dennis on Feb 13, 2013 in VA.

Speaking At The Remodeling Show

Come see Dennis talk at the 2012 Remodeling Show in Baltimore on Oct 10 - 12. For more information and to attend click here.

Dennis Will Be At Deck Rail Conference 2012

Dennis will be a panelist at the 2012 Deck Rail Conference 2012 in Atlanta on October 22 - 23. If you're in the area, come visit.

Remodeling Show October 2011

Dennis will speak on marketing your business in a session titled Marketing Strategies: Lesser Costs / Bigger Results.

Deck Expo September 2010

Dennis has been chosen to speaker at this year's Deck Expo in Baltimore Maryland. He will be presenting "From Curb to Client" on Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 8:00.